No decision would have been taken on the privatisation of ADP and the FDJ

The State has not yet taken a decision on the privatisation of ADP Group, the manager of the airports of Paris, or the French games (FDJ), said Tuesday the head of the Agency of the interests of the State, Martin Vial.

Interviewed on France Info on the possibility of transfer of securities of ADP Group, in which the State holds 50,63% of the capital, Mr. Vial replied that”no decision and no orientation(had) been taken by the government”.

On the FDJ, owned to the tune of 72% by the State, he also said that”no decision” had been taken.

A fund for innovation

“On the other hand it is clear that the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire, the Prime minister and the president of the republic took a decision in respect of a fund for innovation, which will be powered by a 10 billion euro assignment”, he recalled.

“We started finding them in the transferor of the securities Engie, of securities of the Renault this fall for a little over 2 billion euros, and we will still have other assignments in the coming months in the course of 2018”, has he continued.

The director of the EPA has noted that a number of firms could “not be privatised without going through the law”.

“There will be a presentation, if the government so decides, of businesses for which there will be a proposal to change the thresholds for detention from the State to the parliament”, he said.

Whereas, according to Les Echos this could be included in the law on the companies that must present The Mayor in the spring, Mr. Vial stated that it had “not been decided”.

The manager said that € 7 billion of disposals had been made since the beginning of the year, a “record”, and that for the past three years, the amount of disposals amounted to “a little more than 10 billion euros.”

(with AFP)

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