Les Herbiers, in Vendée, seek employees desperately

Uncle Sam, a pointed index finger, stands out against the green background. “I want you “, said the posters displayed during the war. “Recruitment “, proclaims, in red letters, one announcing the holding of the job fair Herbiers (Vendée). The event, scheduled for 15 march, will bring together everything that the common vendee companies. How many candidates will come ? The question concerned. In this corner of the grove, this is not the unemployment which is a threat, but the lack of arms. The development of the local economy has almost completely dried up the job pool.

Indeed, we are far, very far, national-level data. At les Herbiers, only 5% of the population is without activity, compared to 8.9% at the national level. And recruitment problems that have been reporting more and more companies in France are illustrated here up to the caricature. It is enough, to convince, to go up the street to the Church. Partnaire, Adecco, Interaction…

The city of 16 000 inhabitants, has no less than 17 agencies acting ! The number of tenders exposed in the window is spinning. “Sometimes, it goes mad to find a material handler, then it calls for two arms, two legs, a brain “, despairs one used to Start People. The needs are such that some companies put their job advertisements on envelopes of loaves of bread, table sets, and, more frequently, Lark, the local radio station.

“It does not make me laugh ”

In the industrial area, panels “recruits” have popped up in front of the factories. These same plants that made the prosperity of the region. Because, unlike other agricultural land, the introduction, in the 1960s, the mechanization in the Vendee has not resulted in massive rural exodus. The ” bellies to the cabbage “, forced to find their sustenance elsewhere than in the fields, have become artisans.

The city of 16 000 inhabitants, has no less than 17 agencies acting…

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