It is necessary to ” clarify as quickly as possible the status of cryptomonnaies “

Forum. The cryptomonnaies are considered by the ministry of economy as a means of payment. Bercy has announced, Tuesday, January 16, the creation of a mission for the purpose of providing regulations against their use for purposes of tax evasion, money laundering or the funding of criminal activities or terrorism.

The minister of the economy, in addition to the presidency of argentina in the G20 that it address this issue. This government initiative, which is to be welcomed as it is an urgent need to fine-tune the regulation of capital movements made in virtual currencies, however, must not make us forget that it is also time to define the financial status of the cryptomonnaies.

The cryptomonnaies are still regarded by the financial markets Authority as a ” ufo ”

France expects that a clarification of regulatory cryptomonnaies to enter a walk-in the race for the creation of services related to their underlying technologies of the “registry distributed” (the ” blockchain “) and future technologies (such as the ” hashgraph “), which will soon revolutionize our everyday life. The French participation in the global innovation requires the existence of a financial ecosystem that can stimulate the business development of the avant-garde in this domain. This is where the rub currently since, from the point of view of financial regulation, the cryptomonnaies are still regarded by the financial markets Authority as a ” ufo “.

The lack of identification of this class of assets erects a barrier behind which are waiting for financial professionals (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, brokers, etc.) to work with the actors of the new technology related to the blockchain (entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, etc.).


Behind this barrier, we find in the first rank…

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