In THESE 2018 Las Vegas, the battle for the connected home raged

Great mass of consumer electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show (ces) will open on Tuesday 9 January, its doors in Las Vegas, Nevada. The largest manufacturers like start-ups whose projects are still at the stage of prototype products meet. With its 4 000 exhibitors and 180 000 visitors, the THESE offers, the beginning of each year, an overview on the trends in the world of ” tech “.

The battle Google-Amazon

Google, whose presence has been discreet these past years at ces, offers a stand imposing. The firm of Mountain View, California, will present its range of products, including the latest Google Home Max, a XL version of its speaker connected. It is on the market since December 11, 2017 at a price of 399 $ (331 euros). This enhanced visibility at the Las Vegas Show shows that Google is determined to compete with Amazon, the leader of this booming market, and at the show.

Nothing that the United States, sales of connected speakers are placed, according to the firm Strategy Analytics, 6 million, in 2016, to 24 million in 2017. According to the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the THESE, 36 million of these items could flow in 2018. If Google has managed to carve a significant proportion of the market (14,7 %), it remains very far from Amazon (71 %). Traditional producers do not want to let escape the leader. LG must specifically announce in Las Vegas the launch of its own enclosure.

The connected home buoyed by the success of the wizards

The battle between Google and Amazon is also played well at the hardware level than the software. The two are closely linked. The greater the number of products and services that are obedient to the commands of virtual agents embedded in these speakers will be important, the more their usefulness will be evident to the consumers. Conversely, the manufacturers are aware of the breakthrough of this new use, which is…

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