In the shadow of bitcoin, other cryptomonnaies blaze

The bitcoin is only one of the forty virtual currency, existing (Photo ROSLAN RAHMAN. AFP)

That said cryptomonnaie think, often, in bitcoin. However, there are currently about 1.400 other virtual currency, and dozens are created every week, at a pace that thrills many experts and stakeholders of finance.

The bitcoin remains a virtual currency the most newsworthy, and the one that weighs the heaviest, with more than 200 billion euros of funding, but this is not the most cost-effective, far from it.

With a leap of 1.318% in 2017, the reference cryptomonnaies does not even appear in the top 10 of the best performances of the past year.

The gold medal comes back to the ripple, cryptomonnaie who posted 36.000% growth in 2017 and which has passed in the beginning of the year the milestone of 100 billion euros of funding – as much as l’oréal’s third largest capitalisation in the CAC 40.

“Its course has jumped up when a newspaper announced that one hundred financial institutions would use their system” technology, ” explains Alexandre Stachtchenko, co-founder of Blockchain Partner, a consulting firm specialised on the subject.

This does not mean that the banks will adopt the currency itself, if not marginally. This, in fact, that Alexandre David, founder and president of Eureka Certification, specialist in the sector, as the value of the ripple “is purely speculative”.

Another criticism: the concentration of this virtual currency, as fifteen people would hold between 60 and 80%. Among them, one of its creators, Chris Larsen.

According to the ranking of the magazine Forbes, his wealth, all virtual, he has briefly helped in the beginning of the year to delight the founder of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Mark Zuckerberg the rank of fifth fortune of the United States.

Other name: the ether. Behind this unit of account, the”ethereum”, a protocol of exchange created in 2009 by a young programmer of 19 years, and found promising by some experts.

A quarantine of virtual currency, has now crossed the threshold of one billion euros of funding, so that they were only seven 6 months ago. Some, such as Cardano, weigh 15 billion euros three months after their creation.

– ‘This is going to end badly’ –

To distinguish themselves from each other, the cryptomonnaies rely on it security – for example, Cardano, who wants to be particularly reliable – or on the connected objects – IOTA , which is intended to ensure that “machines will understand them and be able to send the value of the money, without going through a human or a third-party centralized,” commented Mr. Stachtchenko.

Others point to the anonymity (Monero), the issuance of shares and bonds (NEM) or the speed of transaction confirmation (Litecoin). “It must be understood that it is impossible for a cryptomonnaie, to be the best for all use cases,” he concluded.

The warnings flock to this surge in speculative, coming from the biggest names in global finance, as the regulatory authorities.

On Wednesday, the investor american billionaire Warren Buffett, regarded as the oracle of the markets, and repeated: “I can say with near certainty that all this will end badly”. “We do not have any, we’re betting not on their decline, we will invest ever” in these cryptomonnaies, has he hammered.

And on Thursday, the south Korean government has triggered a storm in the market by announcing that Seoul is preparing to prohibit the exchange platforms, currencies, cryptographic, front to back.

In the immediate future, the shaking should continue on this volatile market, alternating fever and slips brutal. “When the bonuses of Wall Street will be paid on bank accounts on the 15th of January, I imagine a rush epic” on the virtual currency, was speculating recently, for example, on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Meltem Demirors, who runs an investment company specialized in the sector (Digital Currency Group).

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