In the behind-the-scenes games in the open world of Ubisoft

Publisher of video games, or demiurge of pixels ? At Ubisoft, the border is more tenuous. Assassin’s Creed Origins, which comes out on the 27th of October, is the latest in a long line of blockbusters designed like gigantic gardens virtual in which to immerse yourself and get lost. Far Cry, Watch Dogs, The Division, The Crew, Steep… In the space of a few years, the French publisher has even established itself as the world specialist of these games with open world, to the point of eclipsing in number Rockstar (GTA, Red Dead Redemption) and originality Bethesda (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls).

“The world building [the construction of worlds], it is something we have a passion to Ubisoft,” explained in July, Erwan Le Breton, creative director within the company, at a conference in the trade Show Game Camp, in Lille. The multinational origin of brittany has made it not only a brand, but even a schema dedicated production, a sort of Airbus for the video game, with nearly 10 000 employees in over thirty studios around the world. The goal is to be able to produce in two to three years only these blockbusters oceanic, whose budgets amounted cheerfully in tens of millions of euros, and commercialize up to four per year, as in 2016.

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