Human resources invest YouTube

“Should we recruit weird people ? “, ” How to feel at home at work ? “, ” Everyone can be an entrepreneur ? “… In 2016, the co-founder of the software company HR TalentSoft, Alexandre Pachulski, launches a YouTube channel dedicated to the world of work, about then little current on the platform of online videos. He sets the scene in short videos at your relaxed and dynamic editing.

Like him, other human resources specialists have invested in social networks in recent years. Among francophones, include Michele Como, a specialist in the humor business, and its string ComeInc ; Jeremy Coron and its chain Let’s Work ! ; Thierry Cross, host of the a string Go 2 Next Levels, from the cabinet of HR consulting belgian of the same name ; the Canadian Stéphane Simard, a specialist in HR, at a much more serious tone ; or Benjamin Chaminade, expert in social innovation and leadership.

The advantages of the video format on the Web are many. First, it allows the simplification of complex topics related to human resources and attract the interest of an audience of non-insiders, yet concerned by these questions as the employees. The success of each other scientific proof. “Then, why not human resources ? “asks Thierry Cross.

Democratize HR

For the moment, they are only a handful and their channels are niche. At the end of January, Let’s Work ! there were more than 1 400 subscribers and Go 2 Next Levels, less than 600. “Our followers have a particular profile : they are watching our videos in an optical professional, and share a little bit about the social networks. In addition, many companies block access to YouTube or Facebook. And when they come home in the evening, the employees have other things to do than watch videos on the work, ” notes Thierry Cross. This does not prevent to be convinced of the potential of its G2NLMag, including the latest…

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