Has Nancy, a solution to the loneliness of the entrepreneur

At lunch time, the smell of the prepared dishes escaping the microwave and invitations pressing to pass at the table are the same as in any business. Yet, in the Magazine, each one would work alone from his living room. Thirty autoentrepreneurs, freelancers or employees remotely rent a shared workspace, an open space housed in a former slaughterhouse, a vast hangar, high-ceilinged, decorated soberly in an atmosphere of a start-up. In this bitterly cold day in November, they are seven to occupy these offices – not to mention the red fish that seems to get bored.

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“Here, we have all experienced the pitfalls of working from home, discovering the procrastination, get up late, play the console and to work in underpants,” smiles Bruno Martin, one of the founders of the place. Has the long list of disappointments of the life of a teleworker, all add to the memory of an immense isolation. “I’ve often read things on the loneliness of the entrepreneur, but I did not imagine that it was at this point,” says Nicolas Didion, the creator of a communication agency. According to Bruno Martin, this solitude is the first reason that pushes the independent to join the Magazine, even before the economic reasons – the subscription to these spaces being generally more advantageous than renting an office. “Coming here, people are looking for the sociability, the link, of otherness “, analysis-t-it.

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