Harvest of promise for French industry in China

The announcement on the band and figures of major contracts when they travel abroad – notably in China – there is “more news” : these trips are not made for it. Emmanuel Macron has repeated throughout his State visit in China.

For the French manufacturers, it has ended on Wednesday, January 10, on a good track record which the president of the Republic, however, refused to quantify the amount. No question, he pointed out, to brag about as its american counterpart, Donald Trump, which was estimated at some 220 billion euros, the orders secured during its first journey, while it was part of the memoranda or letters of intent !

Mr. Macron has announced, on Wednesday, finalizing a contract for the delivery of 184 A320 aircraft in 2019-2020, which accounts for 18 billion euros at list prices. If the Elysée ensures that it is a ” command-new “, Airbus suggests that the discussions are continuing on a number as yet undetermined airbus A320 and long-haul A330 aircraft. The head of State has also indicated having received assurances that Beijing would respect the parity of market share Airbus-Boeing.

The european manufacturer is going to accelerate the production rate of the A320 at its plant in Tianjin (North-eastern), which will grow from four to six per month in 2020. For its part, CFM International (Safran-General Electric) has sold aircraft engines and maintenance contracts for $ 2.9 billion. Paris has also got one important measure : the lifting, ” within six months “, the embargo on French beef imposed by Beijing in 2001 after the mad cow crisis.

Now is not the time to otherworldliness

But it is nuclear that the advanced is the most promising, due to the amount of the contract (10 billion) and its vital importance for the French industry. After ten years of tough negotiations, Areva and China…

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