Françoise Nyssen wants a joint presidency to France Télévisions, Radio France and France Media World

The minister of culture, Françoise Nyssen, suggest that in the future, France Télévisions, Radio France and France Media Monde (France 24, RFI…) have a joint presidency, said in the World, sources close to the matter. This would be an important change, because up here, the three companies of public broadcasting, each one, a president. It would be replaced by a director general, who would be under the control of a non-executive chairman unique. The minister would even consider to extend this common direction to the national audiovisual Institute (INA).

Ms. Nyssen has, in the course of the last ten days, wished to revisit the officers of the companies of public broadcasting, in order to discuss with them the future of their business and sector, before a speech to the council of ministers on 14 February. In his remarks, Ms. Nyssen has also referred to its proposal of a joint presidency. At this stage, it is an option, the trade-offs the final of the great reflection on the public audiovisual sector was launched by Emmanuel Macron are expected at the end of march. But this track was already mentioned in the executive by the end of 2017.

A common president would allow for a steering of the whole, while the government demand more and more companies public audiovisual sector to collaborate between them. Indeed, France Télévisions, Radio France, France Media World and the INA have, together, launched in 2016 Franceinfo, a information offer combining television, radio and digital. And, from October 2017, the ministry of culture has demanded of the leaders of new synergies : these are, therefore, project a provides local information involving France 3 and France Bleu, a digital platform for cultural around France Culture and France 5, a Web media aimed at young people, which will support the radio Mouv and France Televisions…

“BBC French ”

Establish a single leader is also a response to the desire…

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