France can catch up its delay in renewable energy ?

“Accelerate the growth of renewable energy in the face of the climate emergency. “The theme chosen for the 19th annual conference of the renewable energies Syndicate (SER), Thursday 8 February in Paris, sums up the situation in an economic sector in the middle of the ford. Has lagged behind many of its neighbours, France must redouble its efforts if it wants to achieve the objectives that it has set for itself in the field of ” green “energy.

The data, published in late January by Eurostat, the statistical Office of the european Union (EU), rank among the cancres of the community space. With 16% of its final energy consumption from renewable sources by the end of 2016, France is below the european average (17 %), far behind the champions of Sweden (53.8 percent), Finland (38.7 per cent), Latvia (37.2 per cent), Austria (33.5 per cent) or Denmark (32.2 per cent). It leads, however, Germany (14, 8 %) and the Uk (9.3 per cent).

Especially, it is, along with the netherlands, the country that is lagging behind the most compared to its objective for 2020 is 23 %. This, then, eleven of the twenty-eight member States of the EU have already reached – and sometimes exceeded – their targets.

A sudden upturn

“The 2020 target is out of range “, has warned for several years the president of the SER, Jean-Louis Bal. So far, the threshold of 32 % expected in 2030, by the law of energy transition, it seems to be accessible. He wants proof, “the record increase” connections of facilities of production of renewable electricity in 2017.

During the past year, he says, a capacity of 2 763 megawatts (MW) is added to the metropolitan network, of which 1 797 MW of wind energy (compared to 1 345 MW in 2016) and 887 MW of solar photovoltaic (576 MW by 2016). Alone, the fourth quarter registered a rise of just over 1 100 MW. The pace of growth…

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