“Companies must engage in a profound transformation “

Forum. Early in the year 2018, the question of the redesign of the company is at the heart of the public debate of both sides of the Atlantic. The French government has launched, through an inter-ministerial mission, the construction of a legal reform for the purpose of profit-making companies, in order to incorporate the social and environmental responsibility.

By doing this, France follows other countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Italy, which have already created new legal statutes for the companies willing to achieve the goals of not only financial, but also social and environmental.

At the same time, the United States, Larry Fink, co-founder and president of BlackRock, one of the most powerful investment groups in the world, signed an open letter to business leaders, calling on them to integrate the pursuit of social and environmental objectives to the financial goals of their businesses. The american investor, whose company manages more than 6 000 billion dollars, opens the door to systematic consideration of performance data financial, social and environmental sustainability in the investment decisions.

Move from rhetoric to action

If these announcements are followed by the year of 2018 could mark a major shift in the evolution of capitalism, which would be moving away firmly on the paradigm of the maximization of the only financial value for shareholders.

But, let’s not be naive. Talk about this development and the call of our wishes will not suffice to making it happen. The evolution of which it is a question of a radical change that requires a change of mentality and behaviour of all stakeholders in our economic system. The State of course has a key role to play in the reform of the legal status of companies, in partnership with the social partners. Similarly, investors such as Mr. Fink…

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