Coca-Cola will be launching his first alcoholic beverage

Coca-Cola is about to launch an alcoholic beverage in Japan, a first in the 125-year history of the american giant of soft drinks.

In a questions/answers posted on the website of the group, Jorge Garduno, president, japanese, informs that the manufacturer of Fanta is going to experience a drink in a can containing alcohol.

It will be produced under the model of drinks japanese Chu-Hi, cocktail, sold in a can, made from a local spirit called Shochu and carbonated water flavored with lemon. There are different flavors (plum, strawberry, lychee, kiwi…) and the shochu can be replaced by vodka. Most brewers local — Asahi, Kirin, Takara, Suntory — sell these beverages with an alcohol content ranging between 3 and 9 degrees, and particularly valued by young people and female customers.

Disaffection for the soda

“We have never experience in beverages with low alcohol content before, but this is an example of how we are exploring opportunities outside of our key sectors,” says Jorge Garduno. And to add: “this is unique in our history. Coca-Cola has always focused entirely on non-alcoholic beverages”. The leader does not say when this drink will be sold or what will be its price if this is only the first alcoholic beverage will be sold only in Japan.

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“I don’t think that people around the world should expect to see this type of thing on the part of Coca-Cola”, he says however. The arrival of Coca-Cola in the alcoholic drinks sector is part of the diversification strategy of the group of Atlanta (south-east) face of the disaffection of american consumers for the soft drinks and the decline of its sales.

Coca-Cola will focus on the teas (Honest Tea, Fuze), waters (Dasani, Smartwater), and vitamin drinks (Vitamin Water Zero) and energy drinks (Powerade) to continue to grow and maintain its profitability. The company is also a significant shareholder of the company which manufactures the energy drink Monster made with caffeine and taurine.

(Source AFP)

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