Chronology of media : soon movies latest on all screens ?

It is a “compromise scenario” that the mediators Dominique d’hinnin (former leader of the Lagardère group) and François Hurard (former director of the cinema of the Centre national du cinéma), mandated to promote an agreement on the chronology of the media, have presented to the professionals of cinema and audiovisual, Friday 9 march.

With this scheme, that The World is purchased, the viewer could tomorrow buy most movies on demand three months after their theatrical release, instead of four today. And the films will remain available for purchase all the time, instead of disappearing catalogues at the end of six months. On Canal+, the television viewer could watch the past movies on the big screen six or seven months before, and not more than ten months. On TF1, France 2 or M6, feature-length films offered would be a little more recent.

In addition, some video-on-demand subscription could stream movies at the end of fifteen months and not more thirty-six months, provided, however, that they undertake to finance the French cinema, as do pay-tv channels OCS or Ciné+. On the other hand, the foreign platforms, like Netflix or Amazon, would still not have the right to nominate films released in cinemas there are less than three years. Except if they agreed to embrace these rules of the “cultural exception” French, and became so ” virtuous “.

The two mediators appointed in November 2017 by the minister of culture, Françoise Nyssen, have followed certain principles : they keep the original idea in which the more a broadcaster is funding the French cinema, most movies that it can offer are recent. But, they argue, all the ” windows “, to combat the illegal downloading. The services of the on-demand video subscription is offered to a small door to enter in the system, subject to funding efforts.

The proposed scheme…

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