Bio : “want to go too fast, the market might break his toy ! “

Forum. The approach to the the agricultural Show (Saturday 24 February to Sunday 4 march), there is a proliferation of communication on organic products. Carrefour announces a tripling of its turnover in the sector in the next four years, Leclerc launches in the specialty stores and all brands are looking for their organic range, preferably local ! This dynamic is significant, the agri-food industry with ten years behind the expectations of consumers.

the organic market stirs up the lusts of those who, long ago, swore by the GMOS and pesticides

Yes but now, the time of organic farming, based on natural cycles, agronomy, knowledge of the living and of the territory to which it belongs, is not the short time of marketing. With double-digit growth, the organic market is growing more quickly than the number of organic farms and stirs up the lusts of those who, a few years ago, did not see any future for bio and swore by GMOS and pesticides.

If the regulation provides a process for the certification of two to three years before you can obtain the AB label, it must be in fact technically and economically five to ten years to find an overall balance on the farm. Was wanting to go too fast, the market might break his toy !

These are the fundamental techniques of organic production that are its credibility, so important for the confidence of consumers. The more the market tightens, the more the prices go up and more pressure from some industry groups and cooperative is felt to lower the constraints of our specification, for which the producers and processors, and bio-historical fought !

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