Bercy wants to help in the transformation of businesses

The tone is set in the elevator of the hotel of the ministers of Bercy. A small plaque has been laid on the metal : “Bercy Lab : 4th floor “. Deserted by the ministers, the place is converted into a place of open innovation of the ministry of economy and finance. If it is necessary to show white leg to get there, this place must allow to infuse the ideas of the future law of transformation of enterprises, promised in the spring of 2018.

There is still no table of ping-pong, but all the paraphernalia of the perfect “open lab” now usual in large businesses : chairs and individual offices, Post-it notes and markers galore, paperboard and a relaxation area with sofas, a other age. Monday, October 23, Bruno Le Maire, the minister of economy and finance, and Benjamin Griveaux, the secretary of State, have toured the owner to open the large consultation preparatory to the new law.

The objective of Bercy : to grow and thrive in the fabric of TPE (very small businesses), SMES (small and medium-sized enterprises) and ETI (a company of intermediate size). Also change the social object and the place of businesses in society. In short, after the budget and tax reform, Bercy prepares for act two of “Macronomics” : help the transformation of businesses. “They are now too small, many do not have the critical size for export, digitizing, and innovate more,” said The Mayor.

The model remains the Mittelstand German

To the minister of the economy and the president, the model still remains the Mittelstand in German, this collection of family-owned companies of intermediate size in which the industrial activity is the heyday of the balance of trade in germany, while the external deficit is French difficult to reverse. It still stood at 34.4 billion euros in the first half of 2017 for the Hexagon.

Competitiveness gains…

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