Become an employee of the start-up that was founded

“A start-up needs to grow, and fast ! Its founders must be obsessed by the output, which is either ipo or sale, “says François Bancilhon, computer scientist and” serial entrepreneur “. When the start-ups that they have created are redeemed, some founders start a new project or become investor. François Bancilhon, he thought he’d retire when he sold Data Publica, in 2017. But the officer of Sidetrade, the buyer, asked him to stay.

Became director of public affairs and innovative projects, François Bancilhon is enjoying his new status. “When one becomes an employee, we no longer have the “mental workload” of the entrepreneur, to decide, to manage… One lays down his burden. “He pledged to take two and a half years in the role of” wise old man ” before his retirement. The founders, who remain in the company redeems, whether or not one of the conditions of the acquisition, share this feeling.

When, in may of 2016, the cable operator american Comcast has bought the start-up that Gilles Chetelat was co-founded in late 2009, he negotiated his role with the buyers

Then they take advantage of the change of status to focus on one or the other of the company’s business. “The redemption allows you to specialize on a larger scale. As the founder and CEO [chief executive officer], I was at 300 %, I managed all of the folders, it was necessary to grow the company, motivate the teams, etc, ” says Rachel Delacour, co-founder of Bime, a corporation of montpellier acquired by the u.s. Zendesk in October 2015. “The leaders of Zendesk have perceived my appetite for start-ups. They wanted to develop in this field. I have ported the project. Today, Zendesk has offices and incubating several start-ups at Station ” F “, the precise the one that is now ” vice president of Zendesk for start-up “.


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