“An act of generosity – in business or elsewhere – is good for health “

My life in a box. The Christmas period is one of the gifts, and the vows made the day of the New Year with every opportunity to achieve, we’ll do two birds with one stone with this column, the last of the year. Make the vow that behaviours that are altruistic, all of which are gifts for the other, develop in the company, and there are more recognized.

Gift of time, of competence. Inside or outside the company. All the world would have much to gain, according to a study published 8 November in the newsletter of Insead, international business school. According to the two authors of this publication, Jasjit Singh, professor of strategy at Insead, and Christiane Bode, professor of management and technology at Bocconi university (Italy), ” engaging socially employees can generate a lot of value for the company, and not just for the reasons everyone is talking about “, they write, as a teaser introductory.

But because ” if work for the common good is not always a priority in the business world, attracting and retaining high level talent is important “, they explain. However, it appears that enable its employees – even encourage them – to work for causes generous, bearers of meaning, is a factor well-known attachment to the company.

To improve his chances of career

In this day and age that sees oppose the capitalist classic, for whom the company must not have that profit maximization for the shareholder, as a goal, and those – including the president and Emmanuel Macron – who want to open the range of beneficiaries and to take into account ” the general interest in economic, social and environmental “, the work of Ms. Bode and Mr. Singh are enough to reconcile the supporters of each camp. Without even having to create new articles.


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