Admiral Markets allow short selling of crypto-currencies

Admiral Markets allow short selling of crypto-currencies

Admiral Markets allow short selling of crypto-currencies

Admiral Markets UK has improved its offer of CFD trading in crypto-currencies by allowing short-selling on the products Bitcoin and Ether.

The broker now allows its customers easy access to the price movement of crypto-currencies while limiting the potential losses related to the management of their investments in the conditions of volatile markets.

However, potential investors should be aware of the dangers related to the financial product to be extremely risky.

In his presentation, Admiral Markets has explained to investors the risks and benefits of these complex products. In regard to the costs of trading, the broker has warned that the short sales on margin involve the payment of interest on the funds that are borrowed in the stock exchanges of crypto-currencies.

The rate swaps will be the following :

Adamiral Markets has also said that the borrowing rate in the exchangers are often very high because of the extreme market volatility of the crypto-currencies.

The trading of Bitcoin is proposed by a number of brokers for a few years now, but this year, the offer has exploded.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of brokers that allow to trade crypto-currencies. We have examined the major currencies they support (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash), and the effect of leverage offered.

Most of crypto-investors negotiating directly with the heat exchangers of crypto-currencies, which raises the question – what is the benefit of going through a forex broker ? There are several answers to this, but all emanate from the question of the experience of the user.

Most of the exchangers of crypto-currencies have not been constructed with a simple trading experience. Therefore, they provide interfaces to the bulky, little support for third-party platforms and options of customer support is very limited.

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