Technical analysis trending tools on 11.09.2017

Hello. below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 11.09.2017


EURUSD has not fixed above the level of 1,20500 and formed a pattern Doji. Probably a little went down for a slight correction to the trend line. Then continue the up trend. Sales here against the trend, so they are not considered.


On AUDUSD formed a pattern Pin bar after Bouncing off the level 0,81000. Probably worth waiting for the correction down a bit. I’m waiting for the signals to buy from 0,800 — 0,79500.


Gold formed a pattern Pin-bar under the level 1349,00. Good growth and will probably start the correction towards the trend line and the area of 1,327. Sales do not see here, waiting for a signal in purchase in the form of patterns of Price Action.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 8.09.2017

  • Morgan Stanley canceled the Buy Limit on AUD/NZD with 1,0970
  • Morgan Stanley has opened a Buy on AUD/NZD with 1,1126, TR – at 1.1500 SL 1.0870
  • Morgan Stanley opened a Sell on USD/CAD with 1,2132, TR – 1,1800, SL 1.2260
  • Credit Suisse canceled the Buy Limit on AUD/USD with 0,7840
  • Morgan Stanley work TR for sale on USD/CAD with 1,2417 at 1,2100. Profit +317пп
  • UOB has placed Buy Limit on GBP/USD with 1,3065, TR – 1,3265, SL – 1.3000
  • UOB has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,1975, TR – 1,2145, SL 1.1920
  • UOB has placed a Buy Limit on AUD/USD with 0,8050, SL – 0.8010
  • Nomura triggered a Sell Limit on NZD/CAD 0,8835.
  • Danske otstupite buying on USD/JPY with 110,32 on 108,00. Loss-232пп
  • Citi otstupite buying on USD/JPY with 108,96 on 107,95, Loss-101пп
  • Credit Agricole otstupite buying on USD/JPY with 109,30 for 107,80.
  • UOB has placed a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,2020, TR – 1,2200, SL 1.1920
  • UOB triggered a Buy Limit on EUR/USD with 1,2020
  • Citi closed market a Buy on NZD/JPY with 78,38 on 78,30. Loss-8пп

Fundamental analysis

USD rose on growing risk appetite since North Korea decided not to test this weekend. But many investors continue to assess the possible economic consequences from hurricane “Irma”, which toured the coast of Florida and knocked out electricity to more than three million homes and businesses.

Japan’s Nikkei rose 1.4% after Pyongyang decided not to launch another rocket and held a massive feast, where he congratulated scientists and technical professionals, who recently conducted the largest for the DPRK nuclear test. South Korea’s Kospi rose 0.8%, and the widest regional MSCI index rose 0.4%. Too early to say that risks in the Korean Peninsula receded, but at least this week began without any incidents.

USD 108.42 JPY rose from 10-month lows Friday on 107.32. Against a basket of major currencies USD added 0.15% to 91.490, but still close to the 2-12-year low on 91.011 made last week. Outside of the geopolitical agenda, the American currency shows strong growth prospects, given the fed hopes that the Central Bank will raise rates by year-end and a fairly strong economic data released just before the last FOMC meeting.


European stock markets ended last week slightly lower due to weakness in the U.S. currency and tangible gains for the trading currency and the increased risk of further provocations by the DPRK, which could traditionally be realized in the output.

At the end of trading pan-European Stoxx 600 fell 0.15% or 0.56 points to 375.51, and the German DAX rose 0.06% to 12303.98, while the French CAC 40 lost 0.02% or 1.13 points to 5113.49. On the economic front, French industrial production rose 0.5% last month, confounding economists ‘ expectations for 0.8% growth.

In currency markets, the EUR fell to 1.2017 USD bounced on the background of the probable perekuplennosti after the European Central Bank unexpectedly brought specifics to the question about the tapering of QE. Earlier on Friday, ECB President Draghi said that tapering of the monetary stimulus for the Eurozone could begin in October and end in 2018, the Central Bank, is expected to immediately raise interest rates.

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