Mid-term review of exchange rates on 15.02.2019

Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 15.02.2019


On the pair USDCHF has reached again to the level 0,0100 and Bouncing off formed Tracks. Probably go down a bit. But judging by the number of sellers in the statistics of trades, expect continued growth and the breakdown of the resistance level. Sales do not see here.


On USDJPY is also the pattern of the Rails from the level of 111.00. Probably go to a small correction in the district back to 110,00. Then we will try to continue growth. Sales do not see here.


A pair of EURAUD on continue to move sideways and stopped at the lower end forming a Doji. Likely will resume growth to the upper boundary of the sideways trend continuing. Transactions do not see here, wait for the development of the situation and the exit from the outset.

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