Forex market analytics on 14.07.2023

Hello. I won’t write much today, we’ll leave it for Monday. Everyone sees everything for themselves, we run without recoil, many goals have already been achieved. Tomorrow, according to the Friday tradition, should be a rollback day, there is no news background there, perhaps we will draw a bunch of Inside bars. Well, below what you can pay attention to when trading tomorrow 07/14/2023


Only Gold surprised today that decided to stop and form a pattern Doji. During the day I tried to catch purchases several times, but almost all attempts went to breakeven. Perhaps tomorrow we will go to catch up with the rest, and I would look at buying already below today's low of 1952.32. The targets from above are not yet completed and I would like to see growth towards the FVG area, simultaneously collecting the highs of 1973.12 and 1985.29. An alternative scenario is that we will go into a correction, and we will leave the continuation of growth for the next week. We left FVG below and I would set the correction target in its middle or lower border of 1938.42. Selling here is definitely not worth considering.

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