Forecast currency movements on 25.07.2018

Hello. On the market unfortunately, nothing really changes, all players of the market like a summer vacation. Below see what to trade tomorrow 25.07.2018


On the USDCHF the price continues to move in the triangle and stopping at the lower border of the formed pattern Doji. Forces to go beyond the boundaries it seems is not enough. Trade statistics says that the mood among most of falling prices. But I think from transactions here so far is to abstain and wait for the out of bounds of the figure.


On the pair EURAUD as expected went down, continuing a sideways trend and formed the pattern of Absorption. In transactions on pattern to include not recommended. Bottom near the lower boundary of the sideways where you can stay.


On GBPJPY pair price has returned to the level of 146.00 and a trend line. Good reversal pattern there is. But it is necessary to look at the behavior of the price level. Probably will be followed by a reversal and continue to develop an upward trend after the correction.

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