Forecast changes in exchange rates of major currency pairs in 16.11.2017

Hello. Let’s look at a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market tomorrow 16.11.2017


On the EURUSD pair formed a pattern Pin-bar in the area 1,1800. As expected, the likely move back to 1,1700 and trend line. Then it will be clear whether we will break the trend or breakout is false. Transactions here are not considered.


On Tuesday, the same pattern Pin-bar in the area 0,99000. Likely downward correction will end and growth will resume back to the 1,0000 or try to go higher. I think you should look at shopping.


On EURGBP once again bounced from level to 0.9000 and formed a pattern Pin-bar. Hard to move vye is clearly not enough and will likely start a correction down to or below 0,8900 to 0,87500, continuing the sideways trend. Watch here sale, with the expectation that we’ll go to the lower boundary.

Open orders big banks

Changes in 15.11.2017

  • TD Bank otstupite buying on AUD/CAD at targets 0.9900 0.9650 levels.
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed SL with 114,40 on 113,55 for sale on USD/JPY
  • UOB otstupite on sale for GBP/USD with 1,3075 at 1,3205.
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed SL with 113,55 on 113,30 for sale on USD/JPY
  • Thomson Reuters IFR changed the Sell Limit on AUD/USD. The entrance of 0.7700 on of 0.7630, with SL at 0,7800 0,7730
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