Daily technical analysis for 21.05.2018

Hello. Let’s see. interesting to trade in the beginning of the new trading week 21.05.2018


On USDJPY pair formed a pattern Doji at the round level of 111.00. May start a slight correction down to 110,00 and trend line. But most of the deals are already on sale, and for whose account to continue the up trend. Transactions on pattern do not see, continue to keep shopping.


On GBPJPY pair formed a pattern of Internal bar bounced off the trend line. Probably worth waiting for the resumption of the fall and continue development of the downtrend. Consider there sales.

Open orders big banks

Fundamental news


Asian markets jumped on the reached agreements between China and the United States came to a compromise on the issue of the organization of trade relations. The exact details of the new format of the transaction is unknown, the PRC is obliged to reduce the deficit of the United States, increased purchase of energy and food. America, in turn, refuses to enter restrictions on technology and growth fees.

As shown by the end of the trading session on Friday, according to indexes ATP speculators and investors different previously evaluated the results of the meeting, Washington in Beijing. Donald trump via Twitter have expressed doubts about the possibility of reaching a compromise, the General pressure on equity markets provided the growth of yields of Treasury bonds of the United States.


The new trade agreement the United States and China will be the main topic for the US stock market – premarket already observed the growth of futures on indices and is fixed by the release of the funds from the bonds. An additional impulse will give details of the deal – Donald trump insisted that Beijing “blocked” 2/3 of the trade deficit. This means an increase in the supply of products from the United States hundreds of billions of dollars.

News background of Monday morning also contributed to the strengthening of the dollar index against a basket of major currencies.

The Eurozone

EUR/USD continued to decline after it became known that Iran demanded of the Eurozone the payment of compensation for losses incurred with the return of U.S. sanctions. Otherwise, the nuclear deal may be denounced. In addition, the government is considering a return to 20% uranium enrichment.

The European Union, laid down in the budget of compensation of commercial companies and banks to neutralize the sanctions over Iran are unlikely to make the required concessions, and this gives rise to the uncertainty of future negotiations.

Judging by the oil prices that continued to rise to previously reached historic highs, the chances of Iran to compensation is quite low. Requirements negate the efforts of the recent Balkan summit of the European Union, which determined the rules of confrontation between the EU and the US. According to the decision reached against American goods (the list is submitted to WTO) since June 20, will be introduced protective duties.

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