Analytical review of the Forex 24.04.2018

Hello. Let’s see what interesting to trade in the Forex market 24.04.2018.


EURUSD reached the strong level 1,2200. May once again rebound and resume growth, continuing the sideways trend. The balance of transactions is still approximately 50/50, is still undecided. Watching the developments and waiting for Price Action signals.


On the GBPJPY a clear pattern is not formed, but the price seems to have reversed the trend line. Probably worth waiting for the continuation of the trend up. Consider here the purchase, will look at the entrance within the day.

Open orders big banks

Briefly about changes in open orders banks:

Deutsche Bank closed the sale at NZD/USD(+179пп).
Citi opened a new order on EUR/AUD, Morgan Stanley opened the order on AUD/USD.
The views of banks on the directions while basically the same.

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