Ryanair: The aircrew Portuguese calls a strike


LISBON (Reuters) – A union representing aircrew Portuguese Ryanair (LON:RYA) has referred to three judgments of the working day during the period of Easter, 29 march, 1 April and 4 April, announced Monday an official with the SNPVAC.

Fernando Gandra has indicated to Reuters that the union had sent a strike notice to the company at low costs, the first european airline in terms of passengers transported, as well as the Portuguese ministry of Labour.

This motion to strike is motivated by “working conditions deteriorate, the impairment of the dignity of the aircrew (…) and threats to the objectives of sales”.

The head of personnel in Ryanair, Eddie Wilson, had earlier said on Monday that the company had not received any notice from the union and that she “expected to see”.

In addition, an organization of pilots who helped to trigger the revolt of the employees of Ryanair last year called for the resignation of its director general Michael O’leary.

The EERC (European Employee Representative Council), a committee representing employees put in place by the pilots of Ryanair in 2017, says think that many drivers leave the group and that Michael O’leary has not been able to resolve the conflict.

Eddie Wilson has called this letter “bizarre” and “ridiculous”, adding that the company had more pilots than necessary to ensure that its flights.

(Andrei Khalip, Juliette Rouillon for French service, edited by Bertrand Boucey)

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