Qualcomm wants to convince Beijing to allow the purchase of NXP


by Matthew Miller

BEIJING (Reuters) – Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) will meet next week in Beijing, the authority of the chinese competition, in order to convince them to authorize the purchase of NXP Semiconductors, said three sources to Reuters on Sunday.

The merger is already authorized by eight of the nine regulators of international obligation; the only one missing is China.

Some sources estimate that the green light from Beijing is keen to the evolution of the trade negotiations between the United States and China and the easing of the tensions that surround them.

A team of Qualcomm and of the senior official of the public administration of the regulation of markets (MRSA), are seen in Beijing on Friday, and discussions were held “productive”, said the sources, noting that Qualcomm is now shows “reasonably optimistic” on the chances of obtaining the required authorization.

As a parliamentary assistant american said Friday that the u.s. government had indicated that it had reached an agreement for re-equipment of the telecommunications chinese ZTE, a question of paramount importance to the executive chinese.

Even if there is no explicit link between the problems of ZTE, trade tensions between Beijing and Washington, and the approval of the merger between Qualcomm and NXP, there are “assumed relationships” and the calendar of talks “nothing was a coincidence”, explained two of the sources.

“It is obvious that the way in which the two parties are progressing to resolve the tensions, trade has an impact,” said one of them.

Qualcomm is preparing to re-submit its project to the SAMR, with guarantees and insurance final, according to the sources.

Qualcomm has not responded to requests for comment, while the regulator chinese. NXP was not reachable in the immediate future.

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