Zwipe-a novelty proof of Fingerprints leading position according to the CEO.

Fingerprint Cards is involved in the first real order of the existing biometric debit card – an important step in the construction of the new market segment according to the company’s ceo Christian Fredrikson.

”It is a proof that we are the leading player, and will be there in smart cards also. We have a dozen pilots in the time and work with all the major partners, there is a whole ecosystem that will come in time. We are the only operator that has the volume capacity and volymkunskap,” he says to the News agency Directly.

The comment comes after that, the FPC stated that the company’s sensor is with in order as a partner in biometric payment solutions, Zwipe, has received from two stakeholders in the payment card.

”It’s nice to be with along with Zwipe in the market’s first real commercial orders for contactless debit cards,” he says.

Christian Fredrikson explains that it in the market in the past have been running tests and pilots in the smart debit card, but that Zwipes two orders according to the Fingerprint Cards assessment is the first commercial orders.

Zwipes order comes from a customer in Asia and a global large, so-called tier 1, the producer of the card. Debit cards with Zwipes biometric payment solution is expected to be launched during the third and fourth quarters of the year.

Debit cards can be used both in contact with the transaktionsterminaler and contactless, then you do not need to insert the card into the terminal. The cards are also batterilösa, then the mpos contribute with the necessary power to carry out the transaction with the card.

Christian Fredrikson describes the Zwipe-orders as an important step in the commercial structure of the market for smart cards.

”Then must volymkapaciteten be built up and the entire chain must work. The financial flows must be received, and the security solutions need to be adapted,” he says.

He also reiterates the previously announced assessment of the market for smart cards amounts to a handful of million in volume this year, to increase to tens of million cards in 2018 and the hundreds of million in 2019.

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