Zero deaths on the roads : the new horizon of the automotive industry

The crowd at the ras of vehicles, packs of motorbikes, nearly 400 following cars, pedestrians and unpredictable and more than 150 cyclists who hurtle sometimes passes 90 km/h… The Tour de France, which finished with its 105th edition, Sunday, July 29, constitutes a unique challenge in terms of safety on the road. In this context, the automotive supplier German Continental completed its first Large-scale Loop as a sponsor of major event (the contract runs until 2022), assuming the role of lead independent tire and road safety to the greatest sporting event travelling the world.

The company Hanover (Lower Saxony), who has made 44 billion euros of revenue in 2017 as the world’s second largest provider of the automotive industry (behind his compatriot Bosch), took advantage of the course to remind the general public that he was selling tires… but not only. Because the “Conti” is now, and above all, as a dealer of safety equipment for automotive, a matter in which the pneumatic – single point of contact between a vehicle and the road – plays a fundamental role but not exclusive.

The road traffic accidents cause approximately 1.3 million deaths per year in the world

During the Great Loop, the communication of Continental is, therefore, focused on the concept of “safe Tour” (Tour course). This strategy has taken a particular magnitude with the emergence of technologies of the autonomous vehicle, which allows the German group to have a glimpse of what he calls his ” vision zero “, a world with zero deaths on the roads, and then scratch wounded and finally zero accident…

The promise seems utopian on a planet where road traffic accidents cause approximately 1.3 million deaths per year (of which 3 456 in France to 2017) and between 20 and 50 million people are injured, according to the latest figures from the world health Organization (WHO).

The slogan is it something other than marketing ?…

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