Young people less worried about the precariousness professional than their elders

The young French would they be accustomed to poverty ? It is a hypothesis that raises the Centre of studies and research on qualifications (Cereq) in a report published on Thursday 1 February. Then they entered the job market in a difficult economic environment with record unemployment, the women and the men of the generation 2010, entered this year on the labour market, are yet less concerned than their elders.

“How do you see your professional future ? “The question has been asked by the Cereq for the young people of the generation 1998 during the first ten years of their professional life as well as the generation of 2010, after a three and then five years of active life. First lesson : a large majority of both generations said they were “optimistic” ; however, after three years of working life, they are 28 % say worried for the generation of 2010, whereas this was the case of 16 % for 1998.

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