Yoomap receives the label Bpifrance Excellence

Paris, June 26, 2017. After having been funded to the tune of 743 K€ by Bpifrance, Yoomap, the French leader in platforms of management of innovations, is selected to join the network Bpifrance Excellence for its growth, its commercial interests and its international ambitions.

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In the past 3 years Yoomap, has benefited from several funding : 25K€ in 2014, 118 K€ in 2015 and 600K€ in 2017 to support its growth, and the development of its 2 software dedicated to the management of innovation (management of relationships with start-ups / innovation participative).

Bpifrance Excellence is the network business of growth companies supported by Bpifrance. The objective of this network is to allow the relationship of the companies to help propel their business together. Entrepreneurs are often alone and lack of time. Bpifrance Excellent is for their development by providing conditions that are conducive for the sharing of experiences and good practices and for the development of business relations in common.

“We have selected Yoomap for its growth potential and its performance is significant, and we are thrilled that she is joining the network,” explains Julien Alberge, Responsible Bpifrance Excellence.

The start-up, which has twenty employees, will have access to many events and training courses, coaching, networking with the network of Bpifrance, meeting rooms, etc

“We are very proud of this recognition on the part of an actor such as Bpifrance,” said Richard Biquillon, CEO of Yoomap, ” His support gives a great boost to some of our projects… “.

About Yoomap : Created in 2014 by 3 associates, Yoomap has become in only 3 years, a leader in the platforms of management of innovations in France (open innovation and participative innovation). To accelerate and structure the approaches of the enterprises it supports, the start-up has developed a service Innovathon, management software, ideas and innovation (SMI : System Management of the innovation) and a software for the management of the relationship with the start-up (SURM : Start-Up Relationship Management). It consists of 18 employees (in the course of recruitment of 5 people), and twenty references such as Natixis, ADP, EDF, Total, etc Yoomap recruits. http://www.yoomap.fr/

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