Working Conditions in transport : the Europeans are unable to agree

If he needed more proof of the gap between the East and the West, the european Parliament has given a striking demonstration, Wednesday, July 4, rejecting three texts, yet from a long process of negotiation within the special commission on transport of the hemicycle in strasbourg.

Meps had to vote on legislative proposals of the Eu delivering to tv the working conditions in the transport, considering particularly the modalities of application of the revised directive on the working detached (same salary on the same place of work) to this area where, in essence, the workers are ultramobiles.

But, between the elected representatives of the West, more concerned with the interests and working conditions of drivers, and those of the East, the North, but also from Spain and Portugal, obsessed with the competitiveness of their road, the discussion has, in recent months, turned to a dialogue of the deaf. “Even on migration, we can adopt common positions, here, in Parliament, that is to say ! “, said a source parliament, on Wednesday.

At the beginning of June, after a preliminary vote very tight in the committee on transport, the Is and States that “devices” were able to take advantage of a very short head. They had obtained a driver making a delivery, “international” (crossing several countries of the Union) is totally exempt from the detachment.

To resume all the work with zero

Nothing would require it, so his employer to pay his salary according to the standards of the different countries crossed during his travel time on these territories. The rest of the drivers ‘”cabin” was allowed, provided that the parking lots are ” of quality “, while the French mp’s were opposed totally to this flexibility.

Outraged (and virtually all political parties combined), the elected French or germans have worked to reverse…

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