“With all of his opponents, Donald Trump applies the same reasoning to a plumber “

Chronic ” Loss & Profit “. As a fairground wrestler, Donald Trump passes a test of strength to the other without looking neither before nor behind. Only important to the battle of that time. As soon as accomplished his number at the G7 summit, in Quebec, it spun, without waiting for the end of the meeting, in Singapore to prepare for the match against Kim Jong-un, the north Korean leader. But all of these opponents are only collateral victims of the struggle that he leads against its main enemy : China.

With all, he applies the same reasoning of the plumber. In the Face of deficit, a colossal United States, it is necessary to limit, with shots from taxes, inflows – exports chinese or mexican – and raise, by taxation, the outgoing flow (u.s. exports). It is as well as start trade wars.

The problem is that the economy is more similar to the weather to the plumbing. It is not matter of pipes and valves, but of air masses, countless that interact with each other. As for the climate, a flutter of butterfly wings in Amsterdam can trigger a storm in San Diego or Beijing. This is demonstrated by the conflict with the oem telecom chinese ZTE.

Accused of having violated the embargo by Washington against Iran, the company has seen ban the purchase of microchips for the u.s., which threatened its existence in the short term. A demonstration of strength as the likes of Mr. Trump and a weapon of choice to subdue the Chinese by forcing them to buy more u.s. soy and to export less steel.

Optical Illusion

Only problem : if ZTE is fragile – 60 % of the electronic components of its phones being of american origin, its suppliers, fellow citizens of Mr. Trump, are all the same. Among them, the company Qualcomm, which is headquartered in San Diego (California), of which two-thirds of the sales are made in China.

This company,…

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