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The subsidiary of the Intel® Wind River® ; the Transportation Research Center (TRC) ; the University of the State of Ohio ; and the city of Dublin (Ohio) has the objective to promote technologies for safe and secure autonomous vehicles and connected.
The first phase of this program, led by Wind River, to help create test vehicles : these labs-on-wheels will be developed by the students and teachers of the University of the State of Ohio.
The TRC (the largest site of independent testing of the vehicles on the american continent) will serve as the testbed, and propose strategies to test and validate technologies for connected vehicles and autonomous.

Paris — June 13, 2017 — Wind River®, a subsidiary of Intel® Corporation and world leader in software connected to the Internet of things (Iot), announces its involvement with the Transportation Research Center (TRC), the University of the State of Ohio (USO), and the city of Dublin (Ohio) in order to stimulate the innovation around smart technology, connected, and autonomous. This collaboration will accelerate the research and bring the benefits to the automotive community in the Columbus area in central Ohio. The partners will strive to develop strategies and technologies to improve the quality, the development, testing and deployment of solutions for autonomous cars and other connected vehicles.

“Central Ohio is asserting itself today as a centre for deployment of technologies for the cities and for intelligent vehicles. Our unique, global approach (based on the association of competences from academia, public-sector officials and experts in new technologies) can set the pace of innovation in the field of mobility, and generate knowledge that can transform the best practices for development and deployment of vehicles, ” says Marques McCammon, general manager of solutions for connected vehicles at Wind River. “In order to democratize the technologies of autonomous control, a variety of actors will have to come together and put themselves on the same wavelength. ”

“The software is at the heart of the automobile, and the latter occupies a central place in our communities. It is therefore essential to adopt an approach highly collaborative in the framework of the research on the technologies of autonomous control. All this makes of Dublin, a town open to new technology and one of the smart cities of the most connected in the United States, a natural partner for us, ” says Marques McCammon.

The project will test emerging technologies in order to discover how a symbiotic relationship between vehicles and infrastructure can improve the lives of residents. Beyond just autonomous cars, the group intends to test technologies for communication between vehicles and vehicle-to-infrastructure, software for dashboards connected, technology road mapping and sensors, as well as the capabilities of data collection associated with it. Students, researchers and teachers of the University of the State of Ohio will play a key role in this project, and the collaboration between all actors should give birth to a new generation of experts in the automotive field.

The initial phase of the project is mainly to develop and test autonomous vehicles, or ” laboratories on wheels “. Thanks to its expertise in the sectors of defence, aerospace, industry and automotive, Wind River will be the spearhead for the project and will have its software tested for critical systems security.

The TRC has the largest site of independent testing of the vehicles on the american continent. It hosts the search center and test vehicles from the NHTSA (the u.s. federal agency in charge of road safety), and is a true reference for the research and development in the entire automotive industry. Strong of its expertise in the field of crash tests, emissions, and durability, this organization will lead the process of validation of the vehicles, and will perform rigorous tests on its 18 km2 circuit road and its 12-km oval track at high speed.

The city of Dublin, which has put in place an infrastructure of high bandwidth connectivity for businesses with more than 200 km of cables to fiber-optic underground, is one of the endings of the 33 Smart Corridor (a highway of 56 km connecting Dublin to East Liberty in the north-west of Columbus). The ministry of transportation of Ohio is in the process of deploying connectivity, high-capacity fiber-optics on this “corridor” so that the researchers can access data from sensors that are installed all along the road. The 33 Smart Corridor would allow with a maximum of safety tests on technologies designed to revolutionize the transport of people and products in Ohio and in the world.

The Center for automotive research (CAR) of the USO can now offer a concrete assistance based on its experience in the research on autonomous vehicles. This centre focuses on energy, security and the environment in the framework of its mission to increase the sustainable mobility. It forms the new generation of leaders of the automobile through proven methods of systems engineering, and its experimental sites, advanced and unique. He also works on projects in advanced product development with the industry, and conducts research for public and private sector organizations. In the framework of the collaboration with Wind River, the TRC and the city of Dublin, the teachers and the students BECAUSE will be essential in the development of algorithms and integration of test vehicles.

Wind River will also offer its expertise forged over more than three decades in the service sectors of the aerospace, industry and defense. Wind River Helix™ Chassis, includes technologies such as infotainment systems, telematics, and digital dashboards ; advanced systems of driving assistance (ADAS) or autonomous vehicles ; tools as well as cloud development and improvement for the applications.

“Wind River specializes in the development and delivery of critical software for a variety of applications (rovers sent on mars to the trains, through cars and airplanes, or military). By providing the University of the State of Ohio and its students with software of this type and the processes required for the development of mission-critical applications, we hope to help them move their innovations into production, ” says Marques McCammon.

Reactions :

Transportation Research Center
“Far from disappearing instantly, conventional vehicles should be in a first time co-exist with the first autonomous vehicles on the roads. So we will have to find a solution to facilitate their cohabitation. We can start by making them cohabit voluntarily here, within a controlled, safe environment, ” says Mark-Tami Hotta, CEO and chairman of the board of TRC. “When it is implementing connected vehicles and infrastructure improvements, “intelligent mobility” offers more accessibility and freedom, decreases the congestion of road networks and promotes a more efficient use of natural resources. ”

The University of the State of Ohio
“The University of the State of Ohio has a long experience in the automotive research, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to a project that could make a real change in the management of projects of autonomous control in the public sector and the automobile sector,” says Giorgio Rizzoni, director of CAR at the University of the State of Ohio. “Our students have the opportunity to use the latest technologies in the context of concrete scenarios, while benefiting from the advice of experts. They are forged as well a valuable experience to give a real impetus to their career. ”

The city of Dublin
“Dublin is delighted to adopt innovative technologies for the good of its citizens. We see ourselves as a startup whose product is a city. Our work could serve well as a reference for the whole of the United States in the field of intelligent search, in order to improve the safety and increase the mobility of citizens, ” said Doug McCollough, CIO of the city of Dublin. “By collaborating with some of the greatest minds in their respective fields, we can help chart a safe course and relevant to the conduct autonomous, and work to create a city better connected, offering a richer experience in everyday life. ”

About Wind River
Wind River, subsidiary of Intel® Corporation (NASDAQ :INTC) is a world leader in software for the Internet of things. The company is at the forefront of the embedded computer since 1981et its technology is found in the heart of more than 2 billion products. Wind River offers a complete portfolio of solutions to seize the opportunities and face the challenges of the Iot. This range of solutions based on professional services and international world class, on-time customer support award-winning, as well as a broad ecosystem of partners. Wind River delivers the technology and software to innovation and deployment of intelligent systems safe, secure, and reliable. For more information, visit

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