Wind of rebellion among the Best Workers of France

The Best Workers of France (MOF) are angry. Typically used to create desserts or cheese plates in their workshop, they have decided to go down the street to make their voices heard. Thus, they had chosen to demonstrate in front of the national Assembly, Tuesday, April 17. At the head of the sling, Christian Janier, master cheesemaker-affineur in Lyon and president of the MOF class Cheese maker.

This defender of artisan cheeses from raw milk, which exports its selections up in Japan, is the blue-collar-white-red, a sign of his distinction, since 2000. In February, on the occasion of the Salon of agriculture, he has added the black. The color of the clouds, which, according to him, clouding the future of a competition that a lot of countries envy us, and ” that promotes France abroad “. The opportunity to launch his protest movement “100 MOF angry !” with its page Facebook.

The MOF angry

Mr. Janier expresses two fears. The first, ” a race of races to the bottom “. A shame to a degree which, since 1924, advocates excellence. And this in many domains, because if the MOF of the food are the most talked about, the distinction concerns of many industrial sectors. “We had to rewrite it eight times to the trials,” he says. The organizing committee of exhibitions of the work [COET], the association that organizes the contest, wants to make it more accessible. “

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