Wide distribution : when Amazon tries to do her shopping in France

After you have swallowed the american chain of food stores Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion euros, Amazon probe now the large French distribution. The global leader in online trading would be in quest of a fifteen locations of shops “physical” in France, mainly in Paris, according to the information of the World.

That would be the giant of the online sale of these businesses ? Convert store without a cashier by applying the concept Amazon Gb launched in Seattle in the United States. Except that the project seems quite premature. “These stores without cash are made to make the buzz, they are only 600 m2 and are only open to staff,” commented Thierry Desouches, door-to-speech System U interviewed by BFM Business. According to him, the true objective of the firm would have had, “partnering with a French distributor to create a platform for the purchase and enjoy our conditions”.

“Everyone has been approached”

When the company is valued at more than 459 billion (390 billion euros) decides to enter a market, it does not close any doors. Intermarché, système U or Monoprix would have been contacted, before closing the door to the Seattle-based company. In response to these allegations, the Casino, the owner of the sign to the red M, has simply indicated that it was “not for sale”.

“Everybody has been approached,” stresses Serge Papin, CEO of système U interviewed by Ouest-France, The initial contact of the Amazon would be even far from new according to the head French.

The distrust of large companies is driven mainly by the report one-sided that it would provide a partnership with Amazon. They see it as only an interest for the specialist in e-commerce, given the fact that american society would benefit from their ability to purchase or of their knowledge of the client. They also think that, eventually, “their goal is to eat” as specified by a distributor is contacted by The World, stressing at the same time that”Amazon will never be our friend”. What should complicated the task of the american giant in the Hexagon.

European Expansion

The quest for partnerships over the Old Continent, would not, however, to France. The World says that the supermarket chain Morrisons, the fourth largest distributors in the United Kingdom, too, would have been approached. And the Sunday Times revealed in February that the giant was looking to open its stores without checkout “Amazon Gb” in the centre of London, passing through an existing brand. A model that is being replicated today Amazon in the Hexagon, which explains the rumors of redemption on the Crossroads, the former historic leader of the sector.

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