Why the French ” want to go to live elsewhere “

My life in a box. Back from vacation. Some are happy to find their home, whether they are domestic or professional. Find out his habits, his neighbors office, to resume its brands in a familiar universe. Others, on the contrary, still immersed in the happiness of discovering new cultures, new landscapes, other ways of life, dream not to limit the experience to periods of leave, but to deepen it by expatriant, if only temporarily.

At the global level, all of the assets of all countries combined, the period is not geopolitically favourable. Whether we think of the Brexit, which will restrict the possibilities of working in England. Or to the nationalist policy of the United States, hostile to immigrants and, therefore, issuance of work visas.

According to a study on the wishes of international mobility conducted among 366 000 people in 197 countries, by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and published on 25 June, the United Kingdom was the destination cited in the first by the chinese workers wishing to go abroad in 2014. It is no longer in seventh position in 2018, with Australia taking the lead in this ranking. But, this perhaps explaining this, the candidates for expatriation are also less numerous.

In France, the rate of candidates at the outset, however, remains particularly high. The study by the BCG shows it. 79 % of young French people between the ages of 21 to 30 years of age, and 73 % of thirty-somethings say they are eager to emigrate. While the rates reach, respectively, 61 % and 58 %, all countries combined. The two countries partly French-speaking, Switzerland and Canada, are two of the most popular destinations of the French, ahead of the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The French are not leaving to earn more

The multiplication of opportunities to study abroad that were offered during their youth has opened their curiosity…

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