Why small businesses are wind standing against the levy at source

Challenges : Why start you today on this petition to “manage the sheets tax, it is not my job !” ?

Alain Griset : first Of all, because we lift very many of our 122 federations that are troubled. The first source of concern, it is the change of status of the head of the company. With the collection at the source, it becomes the first point of contact for employees in tax matters. This is not something which are prepared for the operators of small businesses. When an employee will see his or her tax situation evolve, it will request accounts to his employer, which is likely to stoke tensions in the workplace. Moreover, the sanctions in case of disclosure of the tax position of an employee are very strict. They can go up to a year’s imprisonment and a 4,000 euro fine for the head of the company. However, what is going to prevent a book a little too verbose to repeat it to the coffee machine ? Ultimately, it is the boss who is responsible… Finally, there is a problem of cost. We have costed at one billion euros the application of the levy at source, during its first year and 500 million euros per year for the suite. We believe that for its establishment, the levy at source will cost 500 million euros to ensure compliance with standards of the software pays… This is not normal. The State transfers the costs on businesses without any specific aid is granted.

What do you expect from the State ?

We ask that no sanction is taken against the bosses except in clear cases of fraud. It is necessary to accept that in the society in which we live, the more great thing is the private. We also hope that this is not at the head of the company to explain to its employees the changes in tax rates. Finally, we demand a financial compensation for the cost of implementation of the tax at the source, why not in the form of a tax credit for businesses.

What is the reaction of the government ?

They don’t want to hear about anything. There was no consultation. Recently invited in the media, the minister of the Budget Gérald Darmanin said that it was decided and that no one would discuss anything. Bercy has a vision of the economy focused on large groups. But this is not the same thing for small businesses. We do not manage a company of two or three employees as a group which employs 10,000 people. One study estimated that the cost of implementing the withholding at the source is 8 times higher than in the case of a small business.

Have you established points of comparison with other european countries ?

In Denmark, for example, it is estimated that the cost of implementing the levy at source is of 200 euros per year and per employee, but the tax rules are 1,000 times more simple ! In France, an employee will separate from his wife, take a Pinel, will see their tax situation change… at what point is it to the boss to adapt to this change of situation ?

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