Why Kering has sold Puma

Why Kering wants to sell it Puma?

The first thing that you must understand is that Puma is a brand for sport & Lifestyle Puma is far away from the basket DNA history of the group. The brand has operated for many years a true strategic movement to the Lifestyle including making use of the muses, such as Rihanna or Kyle Jenner. The sneaker iconic that it has “refreshed” and glamourise is a cardboard box with millenials . The brand has been able to renew themselves and open up.

Y-a-t-it has been an evolution of Puma since François Henri Pinault has bought the company in 2007?

Of course even if it is difficult to link the two in contrast.

How Puma does it come out the head out of the water after a complicated period at the end of the years 2000?

By reinventing its codes, and flirting with the Fashion, the Lifestyle, the Leisure. Reinventing its iconic products and choosing of the figureheads that are consistent with their targets. Puma has caught up with its “delay” in terms of desirability and proposals of a global brand.

What are, according to you, its strengths and weaknesses to compete with Adidas and Nike?

Nike remains a universal brand, ultra strong. Nike is the Coca Cola of sport that is evident. This being said, Puma its playing cards !

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