When the company needs to “do good” to the employees

Forum. The life does not stop at the door of the business. What may appear as a truism is a reality that is more powerful than ever, which can only grow under the effect of the evolution of mentalities and ways of life.

The debates and the measures currently in preparation on the subject of social enterprises, extending their mission beyond profit-seeking, prove that : we now allocates to the enterprises of social functions and societal issues that go well beyond their economic imperatives. We are no longer only to avoid “harm” to the planet or to women and to men, but to act as sort of their ” do good “.

In such an environment, the responsibility of enterprises towards their own staff and the attention they are wearing become predominant. In the interest of all. One of the employees themselves, of course. That, too, of the enterprises, for which human capital is the first wealth : the well-being of their employees is a powerful lever for their economic performance.

A study conducted by Malakoff Médéric shows, however, that employees are increasingly exposed to vulnerabilities in their personal or professional : one employee out of two is concerned, and 91 % of leaders say they employ at least one staff member confronted with a fragile state (” situations of fragility of the workers “, a study of the Counter mm of the new company, Malakoff Médéric, June 20, 2018).

The multiple forms of vulnerabilities

Multiple phenomena combine to increase the factors, personal or professional, of these situations : the aging of the population, and single parenthood become a family structure increasingly common, chronic diseases steadily on the rise, radical changes in the business…

These vulnerabilities can take many…

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