What new opportunities for Amazon in the health ?

Amazon already provides prescription drugs and medical devices. But the company is eyeing now on the market of the prescribed treatments, according to the american press. In this respect, analysts of Goldman Sachs have published a note setting out several scenarios of acceleration of the Amazon in the health care market.

Become an actor in the supply chain of medicines, that is to say, the intermediary between the pharmaceutical company and the pharmacies or health professionals. According to Goldman Sachs, this is the track the most viable for Amazon. At least if the american giant is partnering with the one of the few companies invested in this market, representing 125 billion dollars per year. The relationships are complex and opaque among insurers, drug manufacturers, and the suppliers of medication make access to this difficult market for a new incoming forlorn. In addition to the income that could be derived from the partnership, it could allow the world number one online business to gain access to customer data.

Connected health, online pharmacy…

The group, headed by Jeff Bezos could also create an online pharmacy – a track moderately viable for the analysts of the bank, or to become both the intermediate and the pharmacist online. Amazon, however, could hold its own in the game thanks to its massive presence on the market of online sales, and the ability to lower expenses of patients, thanks to a more efficient process of drug delivery. Remains an important challenge Amazon would have to convince an older audience as it has. Seniors are more applicants on prescribed drugs, due to a higher prevalence of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes,…) in the latter.

Last track of development, less obvious, according to Goldman Sachs : an entry in the market of connected health, in which Amazon would or would redeem telemedicine systems. He could also design connected devices to improve the monitoring of patients, like many manufacturers of the drug.

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