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On the occasion of the European Week of Sustainable Development, CBRE, the leader of the real estate business, comes back in a report on the various certifications available on the market as well as the upcoming trends.

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France is one of the countries hosting the more than certifications and labels for the real estate, including NF HQE, BREEAM and LEED are the most present on the French market – both of which enhance the buildings with a low environmental impact.
New approaches are also arrived on the market in recent months, incorporating themes such as the well-being or the connectivity. They are used to enrich the environmental certification of existing on the social aspect and economic, two of the three pillars of Sustainable Development, with the environment.
These new repositories, highlight the account to be taken of the human factor and digital in the real-estate projects, factors increasingly important to improve the competitiveness of the property and its brand image.

The well-being of the occupants, the themes of predilection of the certifications and labels today

The environmental labels are no longer the only faith with all the stakeholders in real estate. The well-being at work, the societal challenges and economic, becomes a real subject of valuation of assets, such as offices. Certification WELL fact already a point of reference and knows a worldwide success, particularly in France, 1st european country in the production of certified buildings WELL and 4th in the world.
This certification provides a framework and direction for improving the health and well-being of employees through the design, construction, development and operation of the building. It also allows us to innovate and evolve the way in which occupants interact with buildings and spaces of life.
To this day, France covers 27 projects in the process of certification WELL, which focuses on 7 themes : air, water, comfort, nutrition, physical activity, psychological well-being and light.

Digital and connectivity : towards the Smart City

The connectivity of the buildings will soon be the first decision factor in the choice of office space[1]. In this respect, the certification Wired Score, which appeared in early 2013 in New York, allows the owners and promoters to show their commitment in terms of connectivity and ensure work spaces in highly connected users.
In France, 14 buildings are already engaged in the certification application Wired Score since its launch in early 2017. Among the projects – all in the Ile-de-France – are the #Cloud and the 55 Amsterdam in the centre of Paris or even the towers CBX and Pacific to Defence.

Issued by the Smart Building Alliance (SBA), the label “Ready-2 Services” (R2S), which is expected to be launched in the fall of 2017, will highlight the buildings connected to and communicating with their environment. In the long term, this label should also include the notions of security, policy and data management service offering as well as interoperability-key issue of the Smart City of tomorrow.

The Viewpoint CBRE ” an overview of the certifications that are dedicated to the real estate in France “, is available on request.

[1] Source: IPSOS for WireScore – February 2017

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