Washington blocks the access of China Mobile to the u.s. market

Like ZTE and Huawei, other chinese companies, China Mobile is not welcome in the United States. In a full trade war with Beijing, the administration Trump has pronounced, on Monday, July 2, against the entry on the american market the first mobile operator in chinese, citing ” increased risks to national security “. This announcement comes only four days before the entry into force of new customs duties on a party of u.s. imports from China.

China Mobile had filed an application for a licence in 2011 from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the backdating of the telecom. But his request was so far gone unanswered. Seven years later, the u.s. department of commerce now recommends the regulator to reject it. “After extensive consultations with China Mobile, our concerns have not been able to be lifted,” explains David Redl, in charge of telecoms and information.

“A significant risk and unacceptable ”

The operator, who was over in may the milestone of 900 million subscribers, was responsible for not wanting to launch a mobile offering in the United States. It was not aimed at the market of international communications, in order to ensure interconnection between networks, domestic and foreign. “The communications of government agencies would have been able to transit through China Mobile, even if these agencies were not clients “, underlines the ministry. His arrival in the United States would have caused ” a significant risk and unacceptable increase of the collection of information on targets in the united states “.

In its opinion of 17 pages, the department of commerce reminds us that the telecoms group is owned to 74 % by the chinese government. And that it is therefore “subject to the operating, to the influence and control” in Beijing. “The ability of the chinese government to monitor, degrade, and disrupt…

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