Visa payments are affected by an outage in Europe

The company’s payment service Visa has announced Friday, June 1, it faces a “service interruption” preventing “certain transactions” in Europe. “We are currently facing an outage that prevents the processing of certain Visa transactions in Europe”, announced the company on its Twitter account. “We are investigating the cause and are working to resolve as quickly as possible to the situation”.

When questioned, the company has not been able to specify the number of users affected. “We can only accept card payments by Visa, for the moment,” said a spokesman for the retail chain marks & Spencer, as quoted by the Guardian newspaper. “No retailer may not accept the Visa card”.

According to Paymentsense, a company that provides payments solutions to the 60,000 businesses in the Uk and Ireland, “Visa has corrected the fault”, allowing certain transactions to run. “We believe that this is due to a backlog of transactions,” explains the company on Twitter. “We understand that contactless payments have more chance of working”. The HSBC bank has indicated on his Twitter account that the services “will recover slowly” but remain “intermittent”.

(with AFP)

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