Video chat, virtual reality : the paris of Facebook

For Facebook, it is time to conquer new screens. After you have managed to retain 2.5 billion users on its various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), via phones, tablets and PCS, the giant californian now in new media.

The company of Mark Zuckerberg has presented, Monday, October 8, a new product, Portal, dedicated to video communication. Launched at the beginning of November in the United States, the device looks like a tablet mounted on a tripod features built-in speakers, and it is available in two versions (199 $ or 174 euro, for version the 10-inch, $ 349, 304 euros, for the version 15-inch). This is the first physical product developed by the firm of Menlo Park under his own name : “Portal from Facebook “. He is the bearer of the vision developed by the social network, who thinks that the video will take a place of increasing importance in the relations between its users.

The figures prove him right. Nothing on Messenger, one of the messaging applications in Facebook, 17 billion video chats have been recorded in 2017, which is two times more than in 2016. Facebook is not the only one to offer this kind of services (Skype to Microsoft, Facetime for Apple, etc) but, with Portal, the social network claims to put video calls into a new dimension, considering that, until then, the experience was not comfortable enough – in particular on smartphones : choppiness, poor sound quality, difficult to take several people…

The device also sailed Alexa

Portal, thanks to its camera and its microphone, ” smart “, is capable of tracking the user when it moves in space and to adjust the frame in real time, when, for example, a new person enters the field of vision of the camera. The device also offers features that are more fun, such as the possibility of superimposing of effects…

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