Vatel Capital invests 3.2 MILLION EUR in the group IPI

Paris, June 12, 2017 – Vatel Capital, independent financial company specializing in investment in SMES, both listed and unlisted, announces that it has invested 3.2 Million euros in convertible bonds through its FCPI dividend n°5 and 6 in group PII.

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The group PII is a small industrial specializes in the design, the design and marketing of pumps, valves and mechanical connectors. It operates in the sectors of energy, transport, cement factories, railway, mining…

The group IPI, which needs to restructure its past acquisitions and is considering two new external growth operations in 2017, appealed to Vatel Capital to strengthen its financial structure. The company had already worked with Vatel to finance part of its needs of funds for the acquisition of a German company that sells hydraulic components (6.5 M€ turnover).

IPI wishes to continue its policy of external growth with several acquisitions in view. These new acquisitions will allow him to develop its international presence and complement its current offering. The company seeks to accelerate the organic growth of its subsidiaries in developing new products and maintaining sustained business development.

It is through its FCPI Dividend N°5 and 6 that Vatel Capital invests in the group. These funds are intended to support the real economy and lead to a reduction of income tax of 18%, or a reduction in the ISF of 50%.

Vatel Capital reminds us that the FCIC Dividend no. 6 is open for subscription until December 31, 2017.

About Vatel Capital
Company of independent management and entrepreneurial authorised by the AMF, Vatel Capital is specialized in supporting French SMES to growth in traded and non-traded. With more than 280 M€ of assets under management, it relies on a team of managers working together for over ten years. It invests in companies of many sectors, including health, renewable energy, business services and Internet and also offers a financial offer on the tangible assets such as forest, agricultural land and renewable energy.

Vatel Capital was also the recipient in 2011 of the stepping-stones of Morningstar, the portfolio management company the most dynamic, in the category “non-rated” and in 2015 the Lipper Fund Award received for the FCP Vatel Small Caps Flexible. In January 2016, and 2017, Vatel Capital is rated 4 stars by asset Management for its quality of service.

In march 2017, Vatel Capital is elected as the 3rd preferred company of IFAS in the category “Capital Investment” of the log Investment Advice.
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