Valeo and Cisco unveil a service of smart parking

Paris, June 15, 2017 – Valeo and Cisco today announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for the development of innovations as a strategic service of mobility, digital. The Fruit of this collaboration, the project “Cyber Valet Services” is presented for the first time during the event Viva Technology, in Paris.

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This original solution was born out of the complementarity of the two actors of major technological, now allows vehicles equipped with the technology Valeo Park4U® Car to park automatically, without operator on board, in a parking garage connected, and secure. Concretely, it is sufficient for the driver to get out of his car and use his Smartphone to operate the controls, at the entrance to the car park. The car then continues its trajectory automatically up to its parking spot, and will be able to find the driver at the meeting point in the car park, on simple activation.

The movement of the vehicle to the interior of the building is based on the combination of the technologies of automatic parking, Valeo Park4U® Auto, telematics onboard Valeo and secure key, Valeo InBlue®, with technologies Cisco “Parking Controller” fitted in the parking lots of Wi-fi, sensors, video and technology based on artificial intelligence.

The sensors of the vehicle, coupled to the information generated by the equipment installed in the car park, allow the vehicle to understand its surroundings with extreme accuracy and at any time, to anticipate and to calculate its trajectory until the end of the maneuver . The management of all these data allows the vehicle to move in an infrastructure of parking complex, including multiple levels and in any security, including through the integrated gps and the sensors in the vehicle.

Indigo, a world leader in parking and individual mobility, is the first integrator of this new service is currently being presented in the parking Indigo “Camille Desmoulins” in Issy-les-Moulineaux. By combining the “Cyber Valet Services” to the payment application and access by license plate reader to his partner OPnGO, Indigo allows customers to save valuable time. The user’s path thereby starting even before the entry of the parking.

The project of co-innovation “Cyber Valet Services” Valeo / Cisco brand a boost in the improvement of mobility in urban areas with new possible uses. Beyond the space savings associated with a parking optimum, car parks equipped will offer a facilitated access to new offers of services (automatic washing, maintenance, or electric charging automated, etc.). For managers of vehicle fleet, this service will optimize the use of their fleets by reducing the time of catch and demounting of the vehicle. Jacques Aschenbroich, ceo of Valeo, said : “The goal of Valeo is to develop accessible technology that will redraw the contours of the mobility, to make it more fluid, more secure, and more intuitive. The technology Valeo Park4U® Auto has already been integrated on more than 12 million vehicles in the world. The partnership with Cisco is a great opportunity for us to show how our technologies can transform permanently and for the better, and the services of urban mobility. I would like to acknowledge the work of the teams of our two companies that made this project possible. ”

Robert Vassoyan, President of Cisco France, said : “The innovation of” Cyber Valet Services Project ” allows you today connect millions of parking spaces safely. We are happy and proud to associate our expertise, our technological solutions and our resources with those of Valeo, for all give the cities and their inhabitants to new digital services. This partnership with a large French actor is a new illustration of our willingness to work in collaboration with the entire ecosystem and our ability to co-innovate in the continuity of our commitment to accelerate the digital transformation”.

Sébastien Fraisse, Assistant director General and Director France of Indigo, said : “an Actor engaged in the service of the parking, and personal mobility, our Group continues to innovate in the field of service to provide our customers with an experience of the parking reinvented, turn-key and seamless. Through this ambitious project, the parking between the walk-in a phase of renewal and evolution including uses for motorists. In parallel to the development of autonomous vehicles, the car parks will have to make their own change to accompany these trends with the rise of new services designed to simplify ever the customer journey, while providing a high added value. This type of device opens the way for the diversification of the use of the car parks “.

About Valeo
Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers in the world. Technology company, Valeo proposes systems and innovative equipment for the reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of the driving intuitive. The Group has completed in 2016 a turnover of 16.5 billion euros and has spent more than 11 % of its revenue first rises to the research and development. Valeo employs 100 900 employees in 32 countries, 166 production sites, 20 research centers, 38 development centers and 15 distribution platforms. Valeo is listed on the Paris stock Exchange and is part of the CAC 40 index.

About Cisco
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the global leader in technologies that allows the Internet to exist since 1984. Our employees, our products and our partners connect to the company in a secure manner and allow you to enter as of now the future opportunities offered by digital. For more information : ; follow us on Twitter : @CiscoFrance.

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