Urban underground : to the Defence, it digs beneath the parking lots for the extension of the RER E

Not a car on the horizon. This part of the parking Regnault, under the Center of new industries and technologies (CNIT) of the Defence, has been banned for motorists for the next five years. Only the workers and the construction equipment have the freedom of the city. And for good reason : the parking lot serves as the base camp for the excavation of the future station cathedral of the Defence, in the framework of the extension of the line Eole (RER line E) between the area of Haussmann-Saint-Lazare, Paris, and Nanterre.

This huge box of a 20-metre-high, 120 m long and 20 m wide, should be dug in the ground to more than 35 m of the surface. “While maintaining the operation of the essential part of the car park and, of course, the CNIT, which does not close during the work,” explains William The Awakened, the project director for the consortium of companies led by Vinci. It is a site of very high quality. ”

Schematically, the construction seems fairly simple. After regaining all of the support structures of the car park with the installation of sixty new a-pillars, a large slab is to be built. And then the walls will be cast in order to start the excavation of 200,000 m3 of embankments. Evidée and with a floor, the station will be equipped and connected to the tunnels of the line E, in the course of construction.

200 000 m3 of concrete, 10 600 tonnes of steel

That is the theory. The practice is much more complex and spectacular. Reflected in the figures of this project titanic at 600 million euros, available in 2022. Not less than 200 000 m3 of concrete must be poured, 10 600 tonnes of steel used, and 3.5 million hours of work are scheduled for seventy-one months of work almost continuous.

To realize the huge scale of the project, a dive in the parking Regnault is necessary. Prior to the launch of the work in the fifth sub-ground,…

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