“Uber is not part of an economy “collaborative” “

Forum. In a recent forum, Laurent Wartel proclaimed that Uber has achieved the dream socialist (” Uber has put in place the dream socialist : make the tool of production to the worker ! “, lemonde.fr of 6 November). Without attempting to be too funny, we are doing “the ubérisation” a completely different reading.

Uber, does it really drivers the control over the means of production ? In the case of Uber (or business delivery bike), the means of production are the platform as a coordinator of an algorithm and the data produced for free by clients who pass through and are stored. The capital-labor ratio is formed around the access to the platform.

The drivers do not have the hand or on the platform or on the data. It is here that realized the relationship of subordination and, potentially, the conflict, as evidenced by the recent social movements of drivers and deliverers in Europe. It is therefore impossible to assert that the drivers of Uber (or the delivery bike) have any control over the means of production.

Relationship capital-work

Uber and similar emancipated-they are truly the work of the domination of capital ? The relationship capital-work involves a sale of the work force which the employer may have. The worker must accept this relationship because he does not own the means of production. Uber provides access to the intangible capital that is the platform and its data and, in exchange, has the strength to work through the mediation of the said platform. A hierarchical relationship strong but veiled is therefore : Uber sets performance objectives that the drivers must meet in order to not be simply removed from the production tool.

Remember that the drivers and delivery people are not free to set their prices

In addition, Uber “suggest” to drivers of ways to behave in order to not to receive bad…

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